"What Do You See?": NASA Shares Stunning Pic Of "Dumpling Shape" Object  NDTVNASA shares pic of a dumpling-like object. Can you guess what it is?  Hindustan TimesThat's not a moon… that's a dumpling!  Boing BoingView Full coverage on Google News
Explained | How close are we to climate catastrophe?  Deccan Herald'Our Fragile Moment' finds modern lessons in Earth's history of climate  Science News MagazineBook Review: ‘The End of Eden,’ by Adam Welz  The New York TimesRenowned climate scientist Michael E. Mann on what 'doomers' get wrong » Yale Climate Connections  Yale Climate ConnectionsOur Fragile Earth: How Close Are We to Climate Catastrophe?  Scientific AmericanView Full coverage on Google News
Vikram's Hop a Demo of Larger Plan, Hints ISRO Official! Lunar Sample Return In the Works? | Weather.com  The Weather ChannelSamples From Moon To Be Brought To Earth? Here's What ISRO Said  Times NowChandrayaan-3 mission done now, know all about ISRO's next massive move  HT TechWill Chandrayaan-3 Help Bring Samples From Moon to Earth? Here's What ISRO Has To Say  News181 more hop can give new data: Somanath on waking up Vikram lander | 'More locations can give better idea of terrain' | Inshorts  InshortsView Full coverage on Google News
AI may help find life on Mars, other planets with 90% accuracy  Investing.com IndiaHunt for alien life just got easier, thanks to this simple AI test  WIONDid life exist on Mars? AI might help us find answers  Mint LoungeNew AI tool may help discover extraterrestrial life, solve long-standing debates on Earth  Down To Earth MagazineHow AI will detect aliens beyond solar system  Evening StandardView Full coverage on Google News
Expedition 69-70 International Space Station Change of Command Ceremony - Sept. 26, 2023  NASA VideoAndreas Mogensen becomes International Space Station commander  European Space AgencyWatch again: Roscosmos cosmonaut hands over International Space Station command to ESA astronaut  The IndependentESA - Commanding the International Space Station  European Space AgencyExpedition 69 Astronaut Andreas Mogensen Answers Danish Student, Teacher Questions - Sept. 26, 2023  NASA VideoView Full coverage on Google News
Mass extinction: New ‘supercontinent’ could wipe out humans and all mammals, study predicts  Times of IndiaReports: The Next Supercontinent Could Wipe Out all Mammals | Vantage with Palki Sharma  FirstpostScientists Estimate Mammals Will Go Extinct In 250 Million Years Due To Extreme Heat  NDTVNext supercontinent formation could cause mass extinction, end all human life  India TodayAll mammals to go extinct in 250 million years: Scientists | 'It's a triple whammy that becomes unsurvivable' | Inshorts  InshortsView Full coverage on Google News
Alien life, unlike humans, may not be carbon-based, suggests new study  WIONWhat composes alien life? New study reveals they may not be carbon-based  Hindustan TimesScientists believe alien life could exist under 'impossible' conditions  indy100Aliens Might Not Be Carbon-Based Like Us: New Study  Times NowView Full coverage on Google News
TRAPPIST-1 exoplanet seems to have no atmosphere — the truth may hide in its star, James Webb Space Telescope reveals  Space.comStellar Contamination and Ghostly Atmospheres: Webb Reveals New Insights Into TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanet  SciTechDailyJames Webb analyzes atmosphere of first TRAPPIST planet  New AtlasJWST just scanned the skies of potentially habitable exoplanet TRAPPIST-1 b  Popular ScienceJames Webb Space Telescope's first spectrum of a TRAPPIST-1 planet  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
NASA's Chandra rewinds story of great eruption of the 1840s  Phys.orgChandra Rewinds Story of Great Eruption of the 1840s  NASAView Full coverage on Google News
NASA: New research suggests how Saturn’s rings were created  The TelegraphNew Simulations Shed Light on Origins of Saturn's Rings and Icy Moons  NASAScientists discover two new celestial objects in our galaxy  indy100View Full coverage on Google News
Tracking a Mission’s Historic Return to Earth on This Week @NASA – September 22, 2023  NASAView Full coverage on Google News
See Earth from a million miles away on 1st and last day of summer in EPIC space views  VideoFromSpaceNasa’s OSIRIS-REx filmed at its flyby with the Earth - 23 Sept. 2023  The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0View Full coverage on Google News
Paleoartist brings back faces from the ancient past  Associated PressView Full coverage on Google News
Study shows our gut microbes may determine bone health  Daijiworld.comCertain gut microbes may be linked to skeletal health  News-Medical.NetStudy finds connection between gut microbiome and bone density  Medical XpressView Full coverage on Google News
SpaceX launches Starlink batch on record-tying 17th mission, nails landing  VideoFromSpaceSpaceX sets up 200th reflight with Cape Canaveral launch Saturday night  Yahoo FinanceStarlink Group 7-3 | Falcon 9 Block 5  Everyday AstronautSpaceX to launch 21 Starlink satellites from California early on Sept. 25  Space.comSpaceX's Falcon 9 mission Saturday marked 51 launches from the Space Coast so far this year  Florida TodayView Full coverage on Google News
Witness Earth's equal day and night: European Space Agency shares equinox photo  Hindustan TimesEarth's Photo Of Day And Night Split In Half Released By European Space Agency  NDTVEuropean Space Agency releases photo of Earth split in day and night  WIONDay and night split in half today, satellite pic of Earth released | 'Incredible,' an X user commented on the pic | Inshorts  InshortsView Full coverage on Google News
NASA scientist on probe returning to earth  4 News Now4 News Now's Rob King sits down with NASA Planetary Scientist  4 News NowView Full coverage on Google News
Citizen Science and Supernova 2023IXF, ft. Lauren Sgro of Unistellar  SETI InstituteWe are the SETI Institute (PSA ft. Morgan Freeman)  SETI InstituteView Full coverage on Google News
NASA astronaut celebrates one year in orbit  WPRIRecord-Setting NASA Astronaut Soon Returns to Earth; Watch Live  NASANASA astronaut looks forward to family hugs, peace and quiet, after yearlong flight – Spaceflight Now  Spaceflight NowT-Minus Weekly: Victus Nox, a record-breaking ISS mission, and more  FreethinkRubio Spends One Full Year in Space; Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks Top Thursday's Schedule  NASA BlogsView Full coverage on Google News
Iron-Coated 'Sand' Made to Flow Up Hill in Strange New Experiment  ScienceAlertDefying gravity: Team discovers sand that can flow uphill  Earth.comNegative friction sees sand flow uphill  CosmosStrange Sand That Can Climb Uphill And Up Walls Created By Scientists  IFLScienceResearchers make sand that flows uphill  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
In a first, RNA is recovered from extinct Tasmanian tiger  The HinduGravitas: Scientists extract RNA from extinct Tasmanian tiger | WION  WIONScientists recover RNA from extinct Tasmanian tiger that hunted Kangaroos  India TodayThylacine RNA extracted from extinct animal for first time I New Scientist Weekly podcast 216  New ScientistScientists Collect First RNA From an Extinct Tasmanian Tiger  Smithsonian MagazineView Full coverage on Google News
Gravitational Instabilities and Galaxy Evolution - INSIGHTSIAS  Insights IASThis IIA study could help understand how gravitational instabilities are connected to galaxy evolution  The HinduView Full coverage on Google News
Webb telescope finds carbon source on Jupiter's Moon Europa  Investing.com IndiaCarbon dioxide detected on Jupiter's moon Europa | 'It is most abundant in area called Tara Regio' | Inshorts  InshortsWhat`s the source of CO2 on Jupiter`s moon Europa? Scientists finally have answers  WIONWebb finds carbon source on Jupiter's Moon Europa, sparks hopes of habitability  India TodayJames Webb Space Telescope detects carbon on Jupiter's icy moon Europa  Space.comView Full coverage on Google News
US Federal Aviation Administration proposes revolutionary way to limit human litter in Earth`s orbit  WIONFAA proposes rule to reduce space junk in Earth orbit  Space.comFAA Proposes Stricter Disposal Rules to Tackle Space Junk  GizmodoFAA Proposes Rule to Limit Commercial Space Vehicles Debris  FLYINGFAA proposes rule to limit lifetime of upper stages in orbit  SpaceNewsView Full coverage on Google News
Tough to get your head around! Scientists discover jellyfish can learn from past experience - despite having n  Daily MailHow to train your jellyfish: brainless box jellies learn from experience  Nature.comThese brainless jellyfish use their eyes and bundles of nerves to learn  Science News MagazineJellyfish shown to learn from past experience for the first time  Phys.orgJellyfish can learn from experience even though they lack a brain  New ScientistView Full coverage on Google News
Chandrayaan-3's measurements of sulfur open the doors for lunar science and exploration  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Starwatch: Fall Equinox takes place this week  WATE 6 On Your SideView Full coverage on Google News
NASA to retire ISS: Here’s what the US space agency is planning  Gadgets NowNASA plans to retire the International Space Station by 2031 | Know why and how | Oneindia News  Oneindia NewsNasa is planning to crash the Space Station. It's looking for a spacecraft  India TodayNASA plans to deorbit the ISS in 2031  Inquirer.netNASA Asks Private Partners to Design Spacecraft to Deorbit ISS  GizmodoView Full coverage on Google News
We are the SETI Institute (PSA ft. Morgan Freeman)  SETI InstituteSETI's Plan (Parody of "God's Plan" by Drake)  SETI InstituteView Full coverage on Google News
Upcoming solar eclipse  WLKY News LouisvilleCanon City Public Library slated to host Solar Eclipse Viewing Event  Canon City Daily RecordVermont residents can see partial solar eclipse on October 14  Burlington Free PressView Full coverage on Google News
Skyrora: Scotland's answer to Elon Musk's SpaceX  Sky NewsScotland's answer to Elon Musk's SpaceX is taking shape - and it's only a few months away from launching  MKFMScotland's answer to Elon Musk's SpaceX is taking shape - and it's only a few months away from launching  Sky NewsView Full coverage on Google News
How a student invented an affordable fire-fighting robot  Interesting EngineeringFireBot is designed to scout burning builders before sending in firefighters  TechCrunchMeet ‘BurnBot', a Bay Area startup's hope to avoid the next big fire  NBC Bay AreaView Full coverage on Google News
October eclipse to look like a 'ring of fire'  ReutersWhat is 'ring of fire' solar eclipse that is set to occur in October?  India TodayAnnular Solar Eclipse Explained: What's Annular Solar Eclipse And Why It's Called "Ring Of Fire"  NDTVHow long will the annular solar eclipse last on Oct. 14?  Space.comRare Ring of fire solar eclipse to dazzle these 7 US states in October  Geo NewsView Full coverage on Google News
Prehistoric fish fills 100 million year gap in evolution of the skull  Phys.orgThe oldest three-dimensionally preserved vertebrate neurocranium  Nature.comGetting inside the oldest known vertebrate skull  Nature.comView Full coverage on Google News
Protein Sequencing Via Nanopores  BioTechniquesEngineered Nanopore Translocates Full Length Proteins  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology NewsHave researchers found the missing link to make easy protein sequencing possible?  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Zambia find shows humans have built with wood for 476,000 years  DevdiscourseHalf-million-year-old wooden structure unearthed in Zambia  BBCArchaeologists in Zambia discover oldest wooden structure in the world, dating to 476000 years ago  Livescience.comAncient Logs Offer Earliest Example of Human Woodworking  The New York Times‘Oldest wooden structure’ discovered on border of Zambia and Tanzania  The GuardianView Full coverage on Google News
How to Buy an Asteroid with Crypto  hackernoon.comAsteroid mining? Not now, says ISRO  BusinessLineView Full coverage on Google News
Synthetic Gravitational Sky  NASA VideoView Full coverage on Google News
Research reveals black holes eat faster than previously expected  IndiaTimesSupermassive black holes eat faster than expected, models suggest  Space.comGluttonous Black Holes Eat Faster Than Thought. Does That Explain Quasars?  Universe TodayFeeding frenzy: Study reveals the eating habits of black holes  Earth.comBlack holes eat faster than previously expected: New finding might explain why quasars flare and fade so quickly  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Harvard professor Dr Avi Loeb decodes the alien mystery  WIONHarvard professor Dr Avi Loeb decodes the alien mystery | Latest News | WION  WIONView Full coverage on Google News
Scientists Produce Spider Silk from Genetically Modified Silkworms  OPP.TodaySpider silk is spun by silkworms for the first time, offering a green alternative to synthetic fibers  Phys.orgWorms with spider genes spin silk tougher than bulletproof Kevlar  ScienceSilkworms genetically engineered to produce pure spider silk  New ScientistView Full coverage on Google News
Galaxies breathe gas, and when they stop, no more stars form  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Crocodiles seemed to 'escort' a dog in danger to safety, and scientists aren't sure why they didn't just eat i  Business Insider IndiaIndian crocodiles seen saving dog from feral pack attack, but scientists divided over what it means  Livescience.comCrocodiles 'escort' dog in danger, scientists not sure why they didn't eat it  Business InsiderView Full coverage on Google News
The 2023 harvest moon is also the last supermoon of the year. Here's the best time to see it when it rises nex  Business Insider IndiaLast Supermoon of the Year to Shine Over New York State  wpdh.comView Full coverage on Google News
How light pollution is making it increasingly difficult to see the stars  PBS NewsHourScientists Have Coined a Devastating New Term for Not Being Able to See the Stars at Night  FuturismWeather Words: 'Noctalgia' | Weather.com  The Weather ChannelHow light pollution makes seeing the stars more difficult  PBS NewsHourLight pollution sparks fear of losing night skies  Inquirer.netView Full coverage on Google News
Scientists create 'smart' molecule that could prevent microgravity-induced bone loss  NewsBytesExperiments on astronaut mice prove humanity has a chance to land on Mars  WIONNew drug shows potential to aid astronauts during future missions to moon and Mars  Space.comStudy highlights a promising therapy to mitigate spaceflight-induced bone loss  News-Medical.NetSpace-Age Solution: Preventing Astronaut Bone Loss With Innovative Compound  SciTechDailyView Full coverage on Google News
Curiosity Mars Rover Reaches Gediz Vallis Ridge (360 View)  NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryCuriosity rover shows 360-degree view of Martian ridge where water once flowed  India Today3-Billion-Year-Old Secrets: NASA's Curiosity Rover Reaches Mars Ridge Where Water Left Debris Pileup  SciTechDailyNASA's Curiosity Reaches Mars Ridge Where Water Left Debris Pileup  NASANASA's Curiosity rover reaches Mars ridge where water left debris pileup  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Transgene-free genome editing of vegetatively propagated and perennial plant species in the T0 generation via a co-editing strategy  Nature.comBlueprint for non-transgenic edited plants  Nature.comView Full coverage on Google News
Molecular basis for maternal inheritance of human mitochondrial DNA  Nature.comNew research offers insight about the reason mitochondria  News-Medical.NetMature sperm lack intact mitochondrial DNA, study finds  Phys.orgView Full coverage on Google News
Plate tectonics 4 billion years ago may have helped initiate life on Earth  Phys.orgWe May Have Figured Out When The Universe's First Continents Formed  ScienceAlertWhen did the First Continents Appear in the Universe?  Universe TodayView Full coverage on Google News
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